Art, Conservation and Restoration

Baroque Echoes in Sorrento

The course aims to introduce participants to the various expression of the Baroque art in Sorrento, a city
whose appearance changed radically in the 17th century thanks to the influence of the Neapolitan school,
where Caravaggio had played a sweeping influence. Aristocratic palaces were renewed according to the
new fashion, becoming now opulent and luxurious, while churches were filled with the dramatic expressions
of Baroque art, the roots of which have been extremely important and influential in European history and
culture. These Baroque paintings and frescoes will be the subject of this course: participants will see them on
site, and will learn the techniques to restore and conserve them for future generations.
The course main objectives are:
1. to introduce participants to the art and restoration of Sorrento and Naples;
2. to stress the importance and the influence of Neapolitan artistic expression on European culture;
3. to introduce participants to the field of restoration and conservation through theoretical and
practical lessons, making direct experience of the original ancient materials;
4. to test aspirations of those interested in pursuing a career in restoration and conservation through an
hand-on experience;
5. to introduce the bay of Sorrento as a fertile ground for further art courses and cultural travels.

The methodology is based on theory of restoration. Rather, the theory will offer participants the tools they
need to build a stronger understanding of the sites and their history once they are there. The project is based
on learning and experiencing on site, involving directly the participants in workshops and visits of Sorrento and
Naples, with skilled guides and experts in the field, in addition to lectures and classroom sessions. Manuals with
learning activities to complete will be provided. The lectures, lead by qualified restoration and art historians,
will focus on relevant aspects of the history and history of art of Sorrento and Naples.
This will be a very-much outdoor based course where the participants will be visiting various sites and
museums. Highly qualified guides and trainers will ensure an easy approach to art, maintaining, at the same
time, a high level of education. As the focus of the course is on conservation, the lectures will be focused on
the following subjects:
– Introduction to the restoration of paintings: evaluation of the state of degradation;
– Introduction to the main techniques of restoration of paintings on canvas: veiling, lining, cleaning;
– Introduction to the restoration of frescoes: consolidation, cleaning, filling, integration of color.

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