Edited by the Underwater Archaeology Department the RAS Foundation

This course will teach you the theories and practices of Archaeology both on land and underwater.
In addition to lectures, the course will include tutorials of discovery and excavation techniques, combined with hikes in areas of archaeological interest.
You will also assist the laboratory in creating reproductions of amphorae and anchors to scale 1:10.

In short, the topics will include:
– Underwater archaeology: a history of the science and research perspectives
– The underwater excavation and restoration and preservation techniques
– The amphorae: definition, types, and classification
– Anchors : literary tradition, worship
– The ancient navigation
– Wrecks and naval evolution
– Ports and Harbors

The lectures will be accompanied by a power point presentation as well as other multimedia materials.

Allow to:
– Acquire basic knowledge of underwater archaeological research
– Acquire skills on the analysis of the relationship between the archaeological site, the territory, the local tourism industry, and cultural and entertainment events
– Acquire basic knowledge on ancient navigation and to understand the technical implications that have affected economic development
– Acquire specific skills related to some underwater archaeological sites in Campania