The workshop consists of a series of design seminars constructed similarly to the Consortium of Bells University; each addresses various preparation models, project management ideas, and access ideas for the five major archaeological sites in the Vesuvius area the Gulf of Naples: Castellammare di Stabia (Stabiae), Pompeii, Herculaneum, Torre Annunziata (Oplontis), and Boscoreale (Villa Regina) .
The Italian Universities (Federico II of Naples, Venice IUAV, The University of Bari, and The University of Florence) and US Universities (The University of Maryland, NYIT, and The University of Virginia) will all come together to discuss the proposed themes.

The project of the International Urban Planning Seminar will also be attended by representatives from the Campania Region, the Regional Environmental and Archaeological Superintendence, the Province of Naples, the House of Commons of the ” Great Attractor “, the Restoring Ancient Stabiae Foundation, and the University of Professional Engineers and Architects. ¬†All of whom have already contributed ideas and information for the final master plan.