Acoustic Education

The project, promoted by the Restoring Ancient Stabiae Foundation, intends to educate teachers and students alike about a subject that is rarely explored: sounds and music from the Ancient Mediterranean.
The course of study is very innovative, yet scientific, it deconstructs the understanding of the sources of noise and its effect on the human ear based on the individual, and how that may or may not be different from the ancients.  The course will also discuss the larger belief and cultural system attached to music and sound, and how the all changed and shaped each other.

“Every place in the world has its own specific soundscape. Some places in Italy have kept its ancient atmosphere: the pastoral, largely unchanged since the Romans, Etruscans, and in some cases since prehistoric times.”

ANCIENT LANDSCAPE SOUNDS is a project to help students recognize and understand the uniqueness and peculiarity of certain soundscapes through activities that link the heritage of the ancient sounds to their cultural places of origin.  It will teach us to identify the soundscape of a place and to re-evaluate, and respect the sounds of nature and its silence. We will largely focus on therapeutic sounds, identified for us in the ancient writings of Ovid, Pliny, and Virgil, who described the refreshing scenery, soothing sounds, and the revitalizing, healing silence of birds and crickets in Villa Ozio of Stabiae and Oplontis.  We will then compare this to the street sounds and traffic of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

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