Italian language

The main aim of our Italian language and culture courses is to offer to foreign students, who don’t speak
Italian, the basis of our language, grammar and vocabulary in order to teach them how to communicate in
all situations of daily life. The courses will be organized in different levels, starting from a general introduction
to Italian focused on the study of the main structures of the spoken and written language, and of most
common uses.

This is a general introduction dedicated to beginner students and aimed at familiarizing with the acquisition of
Italian language. Phonetics, the foundation of grammar structures and verbs are introduced with attention to
their actual use in an authentic linguistic context.

Topics To Be Discussed
The teaching approach is comprehension-based. Participation and team working ability are encouraged in
class. The role of the language professor is not only to provide the students with information, rules and
correction of mistakes but also encourage them towards a challenging linguistic experience. Priority is given
to comprehension and language production. Each lesson must respect the following points:
General introduction to Italian language;
– Main structures of Italian language;
– Common uses and situations;
– How to say/ how to translate.
During the course, the professor will check students’ level of comprehension and learning through written and
oral tests, and homework assignments. At the end of the course there will be a final written and oral
– To provide students with basic skills in understanding the spoken language through the use of an
appropriate vocabulary related to specific situations;
– To acquire the basic structures to communicate;
– To be able to comprehend and write short paragraphs.
– Italian/English Dictionary;
– Texts and exercises will be given by the professor during the lessons.

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