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This medicine powder was prepared by Lin Xiao an hour ago with the medicine from the Shenjiapu medicine storehouse. For humans, this powder is a powerful hypnotic potion, and for four-hoofed animals, this potion is the strongest stimulant. The cruel reality has forced Lin Xiao’s mind to mature rapidly, and he has begun to learn to use everything he knows. With one hand, he grabbed the belt of Shen Xiaobai, who was full of surprise, and Lin Xiao carried her on one of the tallest horses, clapping hard at the horse’s buttocks. Go, go, go! “Good horse!” Cried Lin Xiao. “Get out of here. I’ll treat you to braised pork in brown sauce and good yellow wine.” The horse, whose blood was swollen by the white powder, raised its head to the sky with a wild roar, and its two eyes turned blood red. Like a mad bull, the horse ran forward with its long legs, and in the blink of an eye, it rushed out almost twenty feet. Dr. Lin! Stay! The wind of the sword sent out by the leader of the scouts when he brandished his sword just now had already alarmed the overlord soldiers and sentinels in the camp. Lin Xiao had just ridden for less than twenty feet, and the three overlord pawns were already like vigorous leopards swooping out of the grass, cutting the air with a six-foot-long knife in their hands, and bringing up three streams of light to split the non-lethal place behind Lin Xiao. Lin Xiao put Shen Xiaobai, who kept screaming, in front of him,electronic board for classroom, hugged her small body with one hand, and clapped her right hand out. A breath of True Qi, which he had practiced penance since childhood, spurted out, and Lin Xiao’s palm actually spurted out an extremely dim blue Gang Qi several inches long. An overlord pawn exclaimed, “Good boy!”! Good repair! Lin Xiao’s palm wind is too fierce, three long-killed overlord pawn instinctively let go of the means, with all his strength toward Lin Xiao split out the strongest knife. In the sound of’hissing ‘,smartboards for business, the swords of the three long swords actually appeared a three-minute long bloody glow, and the three overlord pawns all had the intrepid cultivation of forcing Dao Gang. No wonder they were qualified to be responsible for the safety of the whole camp when they were buried in practice. Ya ~ ~ ~ Oh! Aware of the sharpness and strength of the three breaths behind him, Lin Xiao gave a loud shout and forced out the last bit of suckling. ‘Bang Bang bang ‘, three knife Gang hit Lin Xiao split out of the palm strength, palm strength smashed, three long knives separated by two feet, far away to Lin Xiao’s back heart split a blow. The steed ran too fast, originally to split Lin Xiao into four pieces of three long knives, finally only separated by two feet of distance with a knife gas hit Lin Xiao. Three overbearing knife gas into the body, Lin Xiao only felt that the body seemed to be opened out of three big transparent holes, the chest was empty for a while uncomfortable, followed by a mouthful of blood sprayed out, all sprayed on Shen Xiaobai’s worried little face. Shen Xiaobai screamed, “Brother Lin!” Lin Xiao clapped his hands on the horse’s buttocks and shouted, “Go quickly.” The speed of the horse galloping forward increased by three points, interactive whiteboards in the classroom ,86 smart board, and the speed of its running at this time was no longer like a horse, but had the shadow of the fastest leopard in the mountains. The steed brought up a smoke and dust to run ahead, and the three overlord pawn, who were also chasing each other wildly, were gradually left behind. Three overlord pawn you look at me, I look at you, at the same time stopped. People who kill demons in blood never do things that they know are impossible and force them to do. They are used to saving every minute of their strength to cope with the fighting that may break out at any time. Bunch of losers! I let two dolls escape! Damn it, I’ve lost my face! A stuffy hum came from behind them, Ling Batian carrying a three-pointed two-edged knife, running about twice as fast as the horse in front of him, jumping out nearly a hundred feet between a few ups and downs. Lin Xiao opened his mouth, constantly breathing rapidly, and the thick smell of blood spurted out of his mouth, choking Shen Xiaobai’s coughing. Shen Xiaobai was so anxious that his heart almost jumped out of his stomach. Although Lin Xiao had only been with her for two or three hours, she had already regarded Lin Xiao as her only day. With tears in his eyes, Shen Xiaobai coughed and stammered, “Brother Lin, don’t scare me!” Too late to explain anything to Shen Xiaobai, Lin Xiao struggled to take out a thumb-sized purple golden pill from the hidden compartment on his belt and threw it trembling into his mouth. Rejuvenation Hall’s secret’Jiulongtiming Pill ‘is made of the venom of nine kinds of poisonous long snakes as the main medicine. With multiple internal injuries, even a person with only one breath left can survive half an hour after taking this dose of Pill. The power of the elixir is great, but the side effects are also great, and the damage to the vitality is simply outrageous. Had it not been for the critical moment of life and death in front of him, Lin Xiao would never have taken this kind of thing, which is also known as “Nine Deaths and One Life Dan” in the Rejuvenation Hall. Dan medicine into the stomach, immediately into a stream of heat flow all over the body, endless energy from the whole body of the rapid gush, Lin Xiao eyes a bright, that bright eyes scared Shen Xiaobai a jump, she did not dare to look at Lin Xiao, her eyes even felt a burning pain. With a long roar, Lin Xiao felt that the wound in his body had healed, and that his internal force had soared more than ten times as much as usual? Behind him, Ling Batian came running with a three-pointed two-edged knife. His eyes flashed with anger. He shouted at the top of his voice, “Boy Lin, I’m not mean to you!”! The corpses of all the people in your Rejuvenation Hall, or I helped you to restrain them! Damn, I just let you stay as a military doctor, is it also wronged you? Lin Xiao looked back and shouted, “Overlord, different ways don’t work together. Lin Xiao has a clean family background. How can he associate with you and other bandits?” “Fart!”! Innocent? How can there be any innocence in this world? Ling Batian roared, “Do you despise me as a bandit?”? I still want you to become a bandit! Damn, when the time comes, let you marry a bandit woman, let you give birth to a bunch of babies, all go to be bandits! Lin Xiao heard a twitch in his facial muscles, and there was such a rude man in the world? With a snort, Lin Xiao looked back and said, “Overlord,touch screen whiteboard, you buried all the people in my Rejuvenation Hall. I, Lin Xiao, will surely repay you for this kindness in the future.”. But today “”. hsdsmartboard.com

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