by Prof. Agostino Catalano
professor of the Department of Humanities, Social and Educational – Universita’ del Molise

To provide students with both the theoretical and operational knowledge to utilize technology on historic buildings. Particular areas of study will include bearing walls, and the materials used for both its simple and mixed systems, analysis and diagnostics of the causes of the degradation, and the techniques and technologies for the recovery and restoration of the building. Students will study buildings from this area, and complete a final project on what they have learned.

– Theories for the refurbishment project: the restoration and architectural salvage
– Traditional building materials
– Analysis of the evolution of traditional building systems
– Analysis of the construction and longevity in traditional masonry
– Analysis of reinforced concrete buildings and metal carpentry
– Analysis of traditional techniques and materials for recovery and restoration today
– Diagnostics for the preservation of historical buildings
– Modern restoration techniques of walls, roofs, and wooden floors
– Modern restoration techniques for concrete framed structures
– Modern restoration techniques of floors in reinforced concrete and metal work
– Technologies for recovery after landslides
– Modern restoration techniques of plastered facades and stone cladding
– Modern restoration techniques for decorative architectural details
– Modern restorations and legislation for the protection of historical structures in seismic vulnerability
– Fire safety in historic buildings