Visit & Study in Italy

Dear Students,
We would like to inform you that the European Union, through its new program Erasmus +, can contribute with a grant to the Mobility of teachers in your Institute, thus enabling them to attend a professional training course highly useful for their careers!
Pick a course and your entire stay will be reimbursed by the EU.
This is a great opportunity for you to visit Italy and improve your teaching skills, fully funded by the European Union.
It is a once in a lifetime experience.  Don’t miss it!
Since 2011, the RAS Foundation has been promoting different advanced courses in the fields of History, Archaeology, Italian Language and Mediterranean Diet, within the Key Action 1 of Erasmus +

Below a selection of the courses we offer:

Thematic field of the training: History and Archaeology
Roman Civilization in the Vesuvian Area: Discovering the Roots of European Culture;
Greek and Pre-Roman Archaeology in Campania: From the Greek Colonization to the Samnite Wars;
Introduction to Greek, Pre-Roman and Roman Archaeology in Campania;
– At the Heart of the Roman Empire:
Roman Archaeology and History between Naples and Rome;
Underwater Archaeology: At the Discovery of Ancient Routes in the Mediterranean Sea.

Thematic field of the training: Italian Language
– Italian L2 course: Explore Italian Culture through its Language.

Thematic field of the training: Restoration and History of art
Naples between the 17th and 20th Century: Art, Architecture and Folklore;
Art, Conservation and Restoration: Baroque Echoes in Sorrento.

Thematic field of the training: Performing and Visual Arts
Ancient Drama: a Site Specific Course on Roman theatre;
Archaeo-Acoustic: From the Sonorous Landscape to the Use of Sounds and Music in Ancient Rome;
The World of Clay: Handicraft, Art and Well-being (Experimental Archaeology).

Thematic field of the training: Health and food
The Mediterranean Diet: Health Meets Tradition;
Nutrigenetics and the Mediterranean Diet.