Erasmus+ – программа Европейского Союза, направленная на поддержку сотрудничества в области высшего образования, профессионального обучения, молодежи и спорта.
Везувианский Международный Институт археологии и гуманитарных наук совместно с другими итальянскими и российскими ВУЗами принимает участие в реализации различных программ Европейского Союза в области высшего и профессионального образования.
Программы Erasmus+ представлены ниже, на английском языке.

Below a selection of the courses we offer:

Thematic field of the training: History and Archaeology
Roman Civilization in the Vesuvian Area: Discovering the Roots of European Culture;
Greek and Pre-Roman Archaeology in Campania: From the Greek Colonization to the Samnite Wars;
Introduction to Greek, Pre-Roman and Roman Archaeology in Campania;
– At the Heart of the Roman Empire:
Roman Archaeology and History between Naples and Rome;
Underwater Archaeology: At the Discovery of Ancient Routes in the Mediterranean Sea.

Thematic field of the training: Italian Language
– Italian L2 course: Explore Italian Culture through its Language.

Thematic field of the training: Restoration and History of art
Naples between the 17th and 20th Century: Art, Architecture and Folklore;
Art, Conservation and Restoration: Baroque Echoes in Sorrento.

Thematic field of the training: Performing and Visual Arts
Ancient Drama: a Site Specific Course on Roman theatre;
Archaeo-Acoustic: From the Sonorous Landscape to the Use of Sounds and Music in Ancient Rome;
The World of Clay: Handicraft, Art and Well-being (Experimental Archaeology).

Thematic field of the training: Health and food
The Mediterranean Diet: Health Meets Tradition;
Nutrigenetics and the Mediterranean Diet.