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Every time Chunxiao comes to the villa, she can hear some news about Xu Wenhui. Her condition is getting worse and worse. She should be sent to a mental hospital for treatment. But Bai Liguang, the father of Bai Ziyuan, feels that letting others know that he has a mentally ill daughter-in-law has a bad influence on him. He would rather put his delirious daughter-in-law at home for his elderly mother to see than send her. And so is your classmate. The house is in such a mess, but he still runs so far. Stay in the northwest military region, and then find a way to transfer back when the foundation is deep, but he did not know what kind of crazy, heard to go abroad for medical assistance, or to Africa. There are so many doctors in our country, it’s like he can’t do without them. “Bai Ziyuan also went to Africa to help?” The spring dawn was surprised to interrupt Zhang Caiwei’s chatter. “Also?” Zhang Caiwei was keenly aware of the meaning of her words, let go of her hand, and her face turned cold. “What do you mean?” (To be continued..) Thank you for your support. Thank you. At eight o’clock on time in the evening, it will never be later, my dear friends ~ Chapter 278 should be. Now, she doesn’t have to worry about how to open her mouth, and the topic naturally turns to this. “Mom, I’m sorry,” said Chunxiao guiltily. “Our unit has also selected young doctors to go abroad for assistance. I have decided to set out at the end of this month.” “Are you sure?” Zhang Caiwei suddenly stood up, obviously, her reaction is much bigger than that Chunxiao expected earlier, “you are sure to tell us?”? Chunxiao, do you still think you are the daughter-in-law of our Li family? Why don’t you discuss such a big thing with us before you are sure? That spring dawn also hurriedly stands up, wants to pull Zhang Caiwei, only stretches out the hand to be thrown away mercilessly by Zhang Caiwei. Mom, I’m sorry, I didn’t think it through, but I.. “Don’t say such nonsense that you can’t help it. If you don’t want to go, your hospital can tie you up!” Zhang Caiwei was so angry that she didn’t listen to anything. She just said to herself, “I’m going to contact your dean. I’ll tell him directly that I won’t let my daughter-in-law go to Africa. I’ll see what he can do to you!” With that, he ran upstairs without giving Chunxiao a chance to speak. Younger brother and sister, mom is angry now, you don’t go up to provoke her first, if you have anything to say, wait for her to calm down. “Hu Yujia saw that Chunxiao was going upstairs, and quickly stopped her.”. Chunxiao smiled gratefully at Hu Yujia. “Thank you, third sister-in-law. I won’t bother my mother first. This is nothing = wrong = novel = m. = Quledu = com You have to let Dad know. I’ll talk to him. As soon as she went upstairs, Hu Yujia held the phone in the living room and began to call Hou Shurou and Zhou Jin. Her mother-in-law, who had always had a good temper, information kiosk price , lost her temper. She was very angry. It was a big deal in the Li family. Of course, she had to tell her two sisters-in-law. This time. Li Tangchuan should be in the study. Sure enough, she only knocked on the door twice and heard the voice of Li Tangchuan coming from the study, “Come in.” He was practicing calligraphy, writing with a brush, and his hands were still shaking because of the sequelae of his earlier illness. It takes a lot of effort to write a stroke, and the words he writes are not good-looking, but he still insists on practicing every day. Compared with what I wrote earlier, what I wrote now is much better. “Sit down,” Li Tangchuan pointed to the chair opposite him and hung his head to continue writing. What just happened? Why is it so noisy? The sound insulation in the home is very good. As a result, he heard the voice below upstairs, which shows how loud Zhang Caiwei’s voice was just now. There was no quarrel, but I did something wrong and made my mother angry, “Chunxiao explained with a sigh.” What did you do wrong? Li Tangchuan asked as if carelessly. “I was sent to the foreign aid medical team,” Chunxiao explained in a low voice. Li Tangchuan finally put down his pen, pulled the unfinished word aside at random, and sat down to look at the spring dawn. Surely your mother doesn’t want you to go? Beyond the expectation of Chunxiao, Li Tangchuan’s attitude is very easy-going. There was a faint smile at the corners of his mouth. Because of his attitude, her tense nerves finally relaxed. It’s my fault. I should have told you before I was sure. Mom always wanted me and Sheng Weige to have a baby earlier. I was busy working earlier, and now I’m going abroad. I don’t know when I’ll be back. She should be angry. Said Chunxiao helplessly. Li Tangchuan nodded approvingly, “indeed, from the point of view of a mother and mother-in-law, she did not let Li Shengwei divorce you.” Chunxiao was shocked by his words and did not know what to say for a moment. But the smile on Li Tangchuan’s face was even bigger, and he waved his hand, “Just kidding, your mother is not an unreasonable person, just wait for her to understand.”. All the men in our family are in the army. She has been a military wife for half her life. She understands the honor and duty of a soldier very well. Seeing that Chunxiao still had a sad expression, Li Tangchuan continued: “Dad supports you. Young people, don’t look ahead and back when doing things. When the country still needs you to rush forward, rush forward. When I am this age, the country doesn’t need to rush up.” When he said this, Li Tangchuan’s smiling face showed a little disappointed look. He had a sudden illness and fell down at work. He was not prepared at all. Although he did not show it, Chunxiao knew that he must have regretted that he had not finished the last shift steadily. Li Tangchuan is a practical commander of the military region, never involved in factional disputes, only put all his thoughts on work, his attitude also affected the four Li Shengwei brothers, in the hearts of the Li family men, the first place is never their own small family. The daughters-in-law of the Li family are all good, but selfishly speaking, Li Tangchuan prefers his little daughter-in-law more, not only because she also wears a military uniform, but also because there are some things in Chunxiao’s bones that are particularly similar to the men of the Li family. “Dad, thank you,” said Chunxiao sincerely. “If you don’t support me, I really don’t know what to do.” 。

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