Underwater Archaeology

At the Discovery of Ancient Routes in the Mediterranean Sea

This educational workshop is designed to offer participants a hands-on experience – as well as a theoretical
one – in underwater archaeology, in order to be better acquainted with this lesser known but fascinating
During the course, the following subjects will be covered: naval structure and construction; history of ancient
navigation; tools and materials used on ships.
The excursions will help participants to learn and understand the history of the relationships between man and
sea, and the origins of the development of Mediterranean civilization.

This workshop includes lessons with multimedia material regarding the history, evolution and recent
developments in underwater archaeology. There will also be practical in-depth studies on the methodologies
of retrieval and excavation, which will allow students to acquire the use and understanding of specific
instruments. Also, manual experiments will be performed to create replicas of ancient amphorae, as well as
other archaeological artifacts, in original scale,

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