In 2010, the most prestigious Italian Universities, (Federico II e Università L’Orientale di Napoli, Scuola Normale di Pisa, Università del Molise, Università Bicocca di Milano, and Centro ASK Bocconi) and other European institutions (l’Universidad Complutense de Madrid and l’Università di Vladimir, in Russia) collaborated to form a syllabus of shared university courses and credits to create a study abroad program.

The Center for Study Abroad (CSA) is valid in all systems and is an accommodating center for foreign students who wish to study and live in Italy for an extended period of time.   Located at the Vesuvian Institute, study abroad students will find the comfort of a hotel (linen and towel service for the rooms, three meals a day) in an academic setting with Wi-fi access, computer labs, and lecture halls.

The larger objective of the CSA is facilitating communication, awareness,  and internationalization between the universities. CSA also works in conjunction with RAS (Restoring Ancient Stabia), through communication between public bodies, universities, and private organizations in order to create a larger and well known academic environment. The Italian and European Universities work together, taking the best from all in order to create one unique, high quality curriculum for the students. The RAS Foundation further provides the field experience and management necessary to facilitate groups of study abroad students.

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