Since 2006, the Vesuvian Institute in cooperation with Italian archaeological Soprintendenza of Naples and Pompeii coordinates various excavation and restoration projects with the participation of many American and European Universities.

In 2010-2011, more than a hundred archaeology and architecture students took part in the scientific research at Villa Arianna and Villa San Marco. Work consisted of excavation, architectural preservation and paleobotanical research.

In 2010, cooperation between the State Hermitage museum and the RAS Foundation was established. With the aim of restoring and making the thermae at Villa Arianna suitable for visitors.

In July 2011, the RAS Foundation signed the agreement with Centro H2CU – Italian-American community, whose leaders are the Sapienza University in Rome and Columbia University in New York. As a result of this agreement, 15 students and postgraduate students of Columbia University have been taking part in the excavations at Villa San Marco for more than five years.

The department of archaeology also created the fundraising programme in order to support its educational and cultural activities.